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JIBAAS LOGISTICS offers streamlined clearing and forwarding service. Jibaas acts like an intermediary between a shipper (person shipping or cargo owners) border control/ customs authorities and other logistics providers on chain supply logistics. We have proved to be a vital part of chain supply logistics. Jibaas is the number one third party logistics services provider handling and managing the operations of cargo shipment, facilitating an international supply chain logistics.

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Who We are

We Are Jibaas Logistics Ltd

Jibaas logistics Ltd is a registered company agency with a vast experience in offering clearance and forwarding solutions. We strive to ensure a convenient end to end service connection between the owner shipper and the border control/authorities.

Our major solutions includes: Customs Clearance, Transport, Sea Freight and Air Freight. With many years of experience, we have manifested a reliable and swift solutions to our clients by guaranteeing excellence in these services.

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Our Team

Abdimalik Shuria

Managing Director

Exprienced in custom and logistics, specialist in air/sea freight, transport and custom clearance. Abdimalik is an outstanding entreprenuer in international markets currently featuring on leading positions in key organizations in Kenya.

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